Bicycle Tagger

We were tagged by a guy on a bicycle on Feb 14, 2012, at about 7:10 AM. (The photos say 6:55 because our DVR's clock is 16 minutes slow.) Our security cameras caught the action; here are the tagger as seen from each of the four video cameras, plus the best still from the video, and two still photographs of the tags (which were both the three letters "ATG" written vertically). Even a power washer wasn't able to get the tags off, so we're probably going to have to re-stucco the wall.

We reported this to the police, and officers came by the same day to take a look. They say they'll keep a lookout for the guy.

The tags were near Olympic Blvd and La Brea in Los Angeles, CA, zipcode 90036.


Who knows? There are probably lots of taggers named ATG out there.

Searching Google for Los Angeles Graffiti ATG finds a few hits:

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