Los Angeles City Council files related to electrification

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Covers Jan 1, 2013 to Tue May 21 13:10:29 EDT 2019

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CF # Council File Subject See CIS from ... CIS filed on
19-0128 Commercial Lawn and Garden Equipment Incentive and Exchange Program / Zero-Emission Maintenance Equipment
18-1013 Green Omni Terminal Project / Zero and Near-Zero Emission Technologies / Pasha Stevedoring and Terminals
18-0600-s147 Budget Recommendations / City Administrative Officer / Bureau of Street Services (BSS) / Twenty Five (25)
18-0600-S82 Budget Recommendations / Bureau of Street Lighting / Los Angeles Department of Water and Power / Plan Inc
18-0600-S69 Budget Recommendations / Bureau of Engineering / City Hall East Electrical Upgrade / Number of Electric V
18-0600-S23 Budget Recommendations / Department of General Services / Electric Vehicle Charging Stations / Public Ava
18-0600-S148 Budget Recommendations / Los Angeles Police Department / BMW Electric Vehicles / Date of Receipt and Plac
18-0600-S145 Budget Recommendations / Los Angeles Police Department / Vehicle Replacement, Electric Vehicle Charging S
18-0600-S118 Budget Recommendations / Bureau of Engineering / Growing Use of Electric Vehicles / Mid- and Long-Term Ci
18-0600-S114 Budget Recommendations / Los Angeles Police Department / City Electric Vehicles / Status
18-0600-S111 Budget Recommendation / Department of General Services / Fifty Percent of the City Fleet / Full Electric
18-0336 25 Proterra Battery-Electric Buses / City Bus Yard Update Plan / Department of Transportation / Federal T
18-0071 BMW i3 Electric Vehicle Fleet / Los Angeles Police Department / Lease Program Update
17-0739-S1 Electrification of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) Transit Facilities / Federal Transit
17-0739 100 Percent Zero Emission / City Bus Fleet / Year 2030
16-1038 Above Ground Facilities Installation Ordinance / Electric Vehicle Charging Stations / Amendment
16-0600-S112 Budget Recommendations / Department of Transportation / Electric Vehicle Pilot Program
15-1466 Electric Vehicles / Lease / Non-MICLA (Municipal Improvement Corporation of Los Angeles) Funds
15-1227 California Air Resources Board (CARB) Fiscal Year 2014-15 / L.A. City Carsharing Pilot Project / Grant
15-0002-S130 AB 1657 (ODonnell) / Zero/Near-Zero Emission Intermodal Terminals Program / Port Building and Lighting Ef
14-0600-S30 Budget Recommendation / City Administrative Officer / Hybrid and Electric Vehicles / Impact on Gas Tax Re
14-0079-S4 Electric Vehicle Task Force / Rules and Guidelines / Private Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installati
14-0079-S3 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Spaces / Enforcement
14-0079-S2 Citywide Plan for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
14-0079-S1 Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure / Mobile Source Air Pollution Review Committee
14-0079 Draft City Policy / Purchase, Installation, and Maintenance of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
13-1623 Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Projects / Grant Application
11-0527-S5 Clean Transportation Funding / Mobile Sources Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC) / Grant Awa
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