Los Angeles City Council files related to plastic

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Covers Jan 1, 2013 to Wed May 22 13:08:54 EDT 2019

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CF # Council File Subject See CIS from ... CIS filed on
18-0737 Plastic Utensils-On-Request / Ordinance Los Feliz NC 2018-09-25
18-0737 Plastic Utensils-On-Request / Ordinance Hollywood United NC 2018-09-30
18-0737 Plastic Utensils-On-Request / Ordinance Historic Highland Park NC 2018-10-26
18-0600-S107 Budget Recommendations / Department of Transportation / Concrete and Plastic Barriers / Street Safety Mit
18-0053 Straws-On-Request / Ordinance Hollywood United NC 2018-09-30
18-0053 Straws-On-Request / Ordinance Del Rey NC 2018-02-12
18-0053 Straws-On-Request / Ordinance Los Feliz NC 2018-02-25
15-0575 Effectiveness of Single Use Plastic Carryout Bags Ordinance
14-0002-S54 SB 270 (Padilla, de Leon, Lara) / Various Retail Stores / Prohibit Free Single-Use Plastic Bags to Consum
13-1145 Empire Cleaning Supply / Custodial Plastic and Latex Products / Los Angeles World Airports
13-0002-S89 SB 405 (Padilla) / Single-Use Plastic Bags
13-0002-S58 AB 1337 (Allen) / Prohibit Local Governments From Banning or Mandating Fees on Single-Use Plastic Bags
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