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Covers Jan 1, 2013 to Tue May 21 13:10:39 EDT 2019

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CF # Council File Subject See CIS from ... CIS filed on
19-0098 Cycle 2M Micro Grant / Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) / Pilot Curbside Carpet Recycling Program
18-1109 Fiscal Years 2018-19 through 2023-2024 / Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery / Grant Award
18-0851 Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) / Household Hazardous Waste Grant / Residenti
18-0759 California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) / Beverage Container Recycling Gra
18-0652 Minimum Recycled Content Ordinance / Leash-Your-Lid Ordinance / Local Recycling
18-0600-S78 Budget Recommendations / Bureau of Sanitation / RecycLA Customers / Provided Recycling Bins by Haulers
18-0002-S52 AB 2921 (LOW) / Polystyrene Food Container Recycling
18-0002-S106 SB 168 (Wieckowski) / In-State Generated and Sold Beverage Containers / Recycled Content Requirement Los Feliz NC 2018-09-25
17-1335 California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) / Water Recycling Funding Program (WRFP) / Donald
17-0878-S6 Chinese Recycling Ban / RecycLA Program / Private Solid Waste Collection Firms
17-0689 Smart Waste and Recycling System Pilot Program / Contract Renewal / Appropriation of Funds
17-0389 World Recycling Surfacing Group / Rubberway Material / Evergreen Jogging Path / Sole-Source Commodity Req
16-1235 Women and Minority Businesses Participation Rates / Citys Recycling, Diversion, Waste Management Efforts
16-1195 Recycled Water Programs / Bureau of Sanitation
16-0526 Water SMART: Water Recycling and Reuse Research / Title XVI Water Reclamation and Reuse Program / LA Sani
16-0506 Report on Fires at Metal Recycling and Auto Wrecking Facilities / Sun Valley / Pacoima / Fire Department
16-0343 SA Recycling, LLC / Harbor Department / Second Amendment
15-1510 Special Motion 1 / Recycled Resources / Council District 4 / Homeless Population Services / General City
15-0671 B.J. Used Tire and Rubber Recycling, Incorporated / Reuse of Used/Waste Tires / Personal Services Contrac
15-0357 USA Waste of California, Incorporated / Multi-Family Residential Recycling Program / Amendment
15-0275 FilmL.A. / Film Production Recycling Re-Use Program Glassell Park NC 2015-04-27
15-0188 California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CALRECYCLE) / 2014-15 Illegal Disposal Site Ab
15-0170-S42 13952 Saticoy Street / Del Angel Recycling Corporation / Office of Finance / Lien
15-0018-S1 Advanced Water Purification Facility / Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant / State Water Resources Co
15-0018 Department of Water and Power / Bureau of Sanitation / Harbor Refineries Pipeline Project (HRPP) / Advanc
15-0002-S127 Exide Technologies Battery Recycling Plant in Vernon / California Department of Toxic Substances Control
14-1432 Zero Waste LA Franchises / Facilitating Organics Recycling in Compliance with AB 1826 (Chesbro)
14-1149 Compliance to Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy (EPPP) / Use of Recycled Paper / Department of
14-0821 California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) / Fiscal Year 2014-15 / Organics G
14-0749 Performance Metrics / Bureau of Sanitation
14-0745 Recycled Asphalt / Vulcan Materials / All American Asphalt
14-0721 Used Oil Payment Program (OPP) / Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CaliRecycle) / Applicati
14-0324 Electronic Recyclers International / Sims Recycling Solutions / City Electronic Waste Collection and Recy
14-0078-S5 Utilizing Recycled Water from Hyperion Treatment Plant Glassell Park NC 2015-05-30
14-0078-S5 Utilizing Recycled Water from Hyperion Treatment Plant Mar Vista Community Council NC 2015-06-23
14-0078-S5 Utilizing Recycled Water from Hyperion Treatment Plant Winnetka NC 2015-06-04
14-0078-S4 Central Basin Municipal Water District / Distribution of Recycled Water
13-1532 City’s Recycling (Diversion) Rate-Update
13-1518 CR and R / Bestway Recycling Company, Incorporated / City Fibers, Incorporated / Residential Single Strea
13-1490 Waste Management - Bradley Landfill and Recycling Center / Residential Green Material / Contract - Supple
13-1348 Allied Waste Industries/BFI Falcon Refuse Center / Community Recycling and Resource Recovery / California
13-1244-S1 Griffith Park / Recycled Water / Explore Technical Feasibility and Unit Cost to Expand Use
13-1244 Griffith Park Southern Water Recycling Project
13-0952 Increase Local Water Supply / Expand Use of Recycled Water / Construct Groundwater Treatment Center in Sa
13-0928 Multifamily Apartment Complex / Recycling Programs and Requirements / Status
13-0826 Southern California Disposal and Recycling Company, Incorporated / Transfer, Transport, and Disposal of C
13-0685 Recycling Market Development Zone / Solid Resources Citywide Recycling Division / Bureau of Sanitation /
13-0673 NASA Services, Incorporated / Universal Waste Systems, Incorporated / Supplemental Agreements / Multi-Fam
13-0630 Exide Battery Recycling Plant / Stringent Risk Reduction Plan / South Coast Air Quality Management Distri
13-0436-S3 North Spring Street Viaduct / Metabolic Studio / Recycled Water Line Construction / Funding
13-0383 Los Angeles Environmental Learning Center / Waste Management, Incorporated / Recycled Violin Exhibit / Do
13-0184 Local Government Waste Tire Amnesty Grant Program / California Department of Resources Recycling and Reco
12-0744 California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) / Building and Safety Local Enforc
12-0082-S1 CalRecycle / California Beverage Container Recycling City/County Payment Program
11-0326 Waste Tire Cleanup and Amnesty Event Grant Programs / California Department of Resources Recycling and R
10-1797-S16 City-Wide Exclusive Franchise System for Municipal Solid Waste Collection and Handling / Exclusive Commer
10-1797-S15 Exclusive Commercial and Multifamily Solid Waste Franchise Hauling System
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