NANSI.SYS is a console device driver for MS-DOS computers. It executes the same ANSI cursor control sequences as does the standard console driver ANSI.SYS, but significantly faster. It also offers several extra features, while still being simple, small, and cheap.

Versions 3.4 and later are under the GPL, and are Free Software.


Nansi 4.0

Eric Auer in Nov 2003 started updating Nansi.sys as part of the FreeDos project; we're using 4.0 as the first version number of Nansi with his changes. See his web site to download (I'll mirror it here when it's settled down a bit).

Nansi 3.4

This is the GPL'd version. Download here:

Nansi 3.3

             An Enhanced MS-DOS Console Driver
                Version 3.3   November 1991
                         Dan Kegel

Nansi 3.3 is free for educational users, $10/copy for others.  See below.

NANSI files available for downloading:

NNansi (that's two N's) 3.3

	   NNANSI.COM-- Enhanced MS-DOS ANSI Console Driver
			 For EGA/VGA Displays
                            By Tom Almy

NNANSI.COM (version 1/93) is an improved version of NANSI.SYS
(version 2.2), by Daniel Kegel, which is in turn such an improvement
over ANSI.SYS that *no one* should be without one of these.

If you are using ANSI.SYS, be aware that either of these drivers
will offer greatly improved performance and functionality over
your current driver. Current users of NANSI.SYS with EGA or VGA
displays (and other enhanced ANSI.SYS drivers) will notice still
greater performance and functionality in NNANSI.SYS.

Even if you don't use an ANSI.SYS driver, you will achieve major 
performance benefits. (Note that there will be no performance
benefits for programs that write directly to the display).

NNANSI files available for downloading:

A short list of improvements of NANSI.SYS (version 3.0) over

1. Intrinsic 43 or 50 line support (MS-DOS 4.0 now has this).

2. Some additional text mode escape sequences: Insert Lines,
        Delete Lines, Insert Characters, Delete Characters.

3. Greater to *much* greater performance.

4. Supports higher resolutions, both text and graphic modes.

5. Graphic mode cursor

A short list of improvements of NNANSI.COM (version 1/93) over

1. Additional escape sequences: erase to start/end of display,
        insert/delete lines in graphic modes, added Set Graphic
        Rendition codes (and properly working reverse video,
	underline, and invisible modes). Accurate ANSI escape 
	sequence parsing

2. Graphic cursor support is better, and can be disabled.

3. Intrinsic support for both 43 and 50 line modes on a VGA. The
	prompt command can be used to maintain 43 or 50 line display
	modes. 40 column support for 43 and 50 line modes.

4. Faster text mode performance; *much* faster scrolling
        (when in "fast mode").

5. Much faster performance in 640x350 to 800x600 16 color
        graphic modes. Every ANSI control sequence (except
        insert/delete characters and blink) work in these modes
        as well.

6. Readily configured for enhanced graphic and text modes of
        various display cards. Support for several popular cards
        are provided.

7. Blink in 16 color graphics modes (up to 800x600) will exclusive-OR

8. Support for MS-DOS V4.0 and later MODE commands, and properly
	clears the display in enhanced modes using's CLS.

9. Driver can be loaded as TSR from the command line.

10. Desqview aware.

11. Supports Japanese DOS/V

On the other hand, NANSI is smaller, and works with MDA as distributed.

**********************LICENSE REQUIREMENTS

Daniel Kegel is the author of NANSI.SYS, of which this is a derived
work. I, Tom Almy, think enough of his efforts and programming skills
that I used NANSI.SYS as a base for NNANSI.COM. NANSI.SYS version 2.2
came with sources and free distribution for personal or educational
use, but prohibits commercial use.  I have an agreement with Mr.
Kegel to license NNANSI.COM in accordance with his newest NANSI.SYS
license arrangement:

"If you use this program for education or at home, you are
encouraged to send a US$10 donation to the author.  If you use
it for business purposes, you are required to purchase a
right-to-use license by sending US$10 to the author."

Send contributions/user fees to:
        Daniel Kegel
	1977 N. El Molino    
        Altadena, CA  91001

You can also reach him at his NEW internet address:

Everyone wins with this arrangement!

* Commercial users can now legally use NNANSI.COM

* Personal users can show their gratitude.

* Daniel Kegel can make a little money for his efforts.

* I won't feel guilty for "ripping off" his work.

I place no restrictions on my modifications to NANSI.SYS. I
neither request nor will I accept any contributions for my work
on this program. I made these modifications as part of an effort
to understand the workings of DOS device drivers and the EGA/VGA

On the other hand, I do like to hear from users, satisfied or
(even) not satisfied. 

			I M P O R T A N T
Please, if you have problems, check the PROBLEMS section of this
document before contacting me. Greater than 90% of the problem
reports I receive are answered in this section.

My address is:        (Internet)